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We bring some of your favourite classic + modern fairytale Princesses to life.

Glass Slipper Entertainment was established with a plan of making a difference in people's lives one smile at a time. At Glass Slipper we believe you're never too old to believe in magic + that might mean something different to each of us. 
After all the fairy dust settles, it's the memories that last. You can never have too much happiness, too much laughter, too many stories or too deep of a smile line. 

We  always try to leave a positive impression wherever we go through inspiration + entertainment.

Sometimes a smile can change your world. That’s what happened for founder, Jordan Gibbins. Except in her case it was thousands…


Visiting Central Alberta, CA

Edmonton + surrounding areas

Jordan Gibbins, Owner

In 2018, Jordan returned to Canada from living in China where she acted and performed at Shanghai Disneyland Resort for over a year. Working in Shanghai Disneyland opened her eyes to a world of magic, smiles and happiness all day, everyday. So much so, upon returning to Canada she decided to share that magic and joy with everyone at home through Glass Slipper Entertainment. 

Along with a BSc in Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Public Relations Post Graduate Degree from Ryerson University, Jordan’s entertainment career has taken her to over 45 countries and six continents; performing for several companies including Princess Cruises, and The Walt Disney Company in Shanghai, China. She has been teaching, acting and dancing professionally for over 10 years. A few more of her credits include a featured dancer in the short film “Athletes in Motion” for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and ‘Miss Pink’ in a Rice Krispies advertisement. Jordan toured across Canada with Triple Threat Dance Convention as an assistant to many of the industry’s top dancers and choreographers for three years and assisted the company dancing and teaching in Los Angeles. For two seasons, she performed with the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers Octane.

Jordan could not be happier to bring some of the magic she has gathered from people all over the world to life here in Alberta.


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Our Mission

We aim to create magical and impactful memories through inspiration and entertainment.

Our Values

Inspiration: Inspire people to embrace who they are and to see the world for what it is and can be. Inspire people to want to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Impact: The impact and potential further impact we have on our community is what keeps us going. Positively impacting the people in our community through inspiration, education and magical entertainment is why we do what we do. 

Happiness: Foster a feeling of happiness through the magic, inspiration and impact we aim to create.

Dedication: Dedicated to the people around us by being committed to our mission and to our core values.

Integrity: Personal and character integrity are unwavering. This helps keep the magic alive and inspiration flowing.

Magic: Welcome people into our world of magic; a world of endless possibilities.