Description of Services



Meet + greet

The Princess will spend time with each guest individually, pose for pictures with each guest, + sign autographs for whoever wishes to have something signed.
There will also be an opportunity to take group photo with the Princess.
Something fun!

story time

The Princess will either read her classic fairytale or tell a story of her own. The guests can interact + ask questions along the way.

Craft (Extended service)

Each guest will receive a mini glass bottle (with cork lid) with which they get to create their own little “magic fairy dust” bottle. This will be done using colourful sand + glitter! A cute little keepsake for them to take anywhere.


The Princess will give a short coronation speech (depending on time remaining). The guest of honour will then receive the crown + coronation certificate. The remaining guests will then receive their crowns* (these are a tad smaller than guest of honour’s crown, of course).
*Guests crowns only available if you purchased the Extended service.


All guests in attendance will get their makeup + hair done by the Princess* (*If a Host is able to attend, then the Host will also help with the makeup and hair applications). What does that include?

Makeup: Guests can choose from a palette of various colours for their eyeshadow. Mascara, blush, lip gloss + glitter will also be applied.

Hair: Guests will get their hair put in a princess bun/up-do/ponytail. Hairspray and hair glitter will also be applied.
If you have purchased the Extended service, the crowns will sit nicely in front of the bun/up-do/ponytail.
If guest’s hair is too short for the bun/up-do, they will get a half up-do + hair glitter, and if too short for that - they will get extra glitter.

Let us know you have any requests to omit any of the above. You can do so during the ‘requests’ section of your online booking process.

While each guest is getting their makeover the others will work on the craft(s) provided.

nail stickers

Guests will have princess decorated nail stickers applied to their nails. To help with adhesion, and so the nail stickers last longer, a clear coat of nail polish will be applied. You can also request for the guest(s) to simply have the sticker without the clear coated nail polish.

Please include requests in the “requests” section in the online booking process.

Length of service + number of guests

Keep in mind each service is designed for up to 10 guests. Although you may add extra guests for a cost, depending on how many extra, you may want to consider booking two Princesses. We do our very best to complete all listed activities with guests. Our priority is to ensure each + every guest has a magical + memorable experience.
Please visit our Policies for overtime charges.

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