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HOw can i prepare for the arrival + departure of the princess?

It is recommended to schedule the Princess at least 30 minutes after the event’s start time. This ensures all guests have arrived.
Before the Princess’ arrival, we also suggest you have the guests situated away from the front door or front window so they don’t see the Princess walking to the event - this helps preserve the “Magic” for the guests.
Same idea for the Princess’ departure; best to have them situated away from the where the Princess will leave. Some ideas to keep them busy, is playing a game, eating cake and/or snacks, or opening presents.

do you cater to boys as well?

Absolutely. We will have crafts for the boys to do while the girls are getting makeovers, and tattoos available upon request. We also have Prince attire available for rent, subject to availability (sizes: 100 cm, 110 cm + 130 cm). Plus, boys love meeting cool Princesses in real life too!
Please let us know in the “requests” section when you book online and also include how many boys there will be.

Can I change the number of guests who will attend?

Yes. You can modify your booking up to 48 hours prior to your event date. All changes + modifications can be done online using your confirmation email you receive when you first make a booking.

Is tipping required?

Definitely not. But if you feel the Princess exceeded your expectations and you would like to give her a tip, it will be graciously received + appreciated.