Incorporating a Princess at Your Event

Are you planning an event and thinking about inviting a Princess to entertain, but aren’t really sure how you can incorporate, use or involve her?… You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got a list of various events and some ideas of how you can incorporate your favourite Princess.


Inviting a Princess to the wedding can be entertaining for all guests in attendance. You may even want to invite more than one Princess!

Some activities you can request:

  • Princess can meet and talk with the kids (and grown-up fans alike).

  • Dance with guests.

  • Perform a routine of her own.

  • Have a castle backdrop and pose for photos with guests.

  • Bring crafts for the kids (magic fairy dust making + colouring).

  • Have a princess makeover (hair + make up).

  • Princess can bring cupcakes or cookies for the kids.

  • Rent little princess and prince attire for the kids to wear at the event.

private or corporate party: halloween, christmas, new years

Planning a holiday or themed party? Make it even more memorable by inviting a Princess. You could even choose to glam up your favourite Princess’ dress and have her wear her Crystal Edition gown! These spectacular gowns have been specially designed and made for Glass Slipper Entertainment. Take a look here Crystal Princesses

Wondering what we can do for your event?

  • Have the Princess come for any part of the event; beginning, middle or end.

  • We can provide a backdrop for photo opportunities with the Princess.

  • Princess can meet, talk to and sign autographs for guests. This could mean going around to tables, going around the room, or having guests line up to meet her.

  • Have the Princess make announcements.

  • If guests have kids that stayed home, they can request the Princess to make a short video for them.

  • Corporate event? Maybe you have papers, packages, or items to be passed out during the event… have the Princess do it for you.

  • If you have a raffle or draw, the Princess can draw or announce the winner, or handout the prize(s).

charities or charitable functions

Are you organizing a charitable function? The Princesses would absolutely love to visit! Some ideas for incorporating a Princess:

  • A meet and greet with the Princess: she can talk to and take photos with guests, as well as sign autographs. You can have the Princess roam around or be in set location. We can also provide a backdrop for set location.

  • If there are children, the Princess can teach them how to walk, curtsy, dance and pose like a princess or prince. She can also have a story or inspiring speech prepared.

  • You can ask for the Princess to deliver or present any special items.

  • You can also have the Princess make announcements.

Glass Slipper Entertainment would really love to be a part of your kind and courageous efforts. Our services are free of charge for charitable events.

hospital visit

Our Princesses would love to visit someone who may need a smile or just some cheering up.

  • The Princesses can visit, share stories and take photos with.

  • Have the Princess deliver flowers, or balloons, or chocolates.

  • Princesses love reading stories from their favourite fairytales.

  • Receive a card, autographed by the Princess and sealed with her signature wax seal.

Our favourite thing to do is make people smile. Please contact us to have a Princess visit a loved one in the hospital.

School visit

Our Princesses especially love meeting children and making them smile. Where is a place where children all gather together… a SCHOOL! A perfect place to meet so many at once.

  • Princesses can visit classrooms, or tell a story in the royal banquet hall (aka gymnasium or other large gathering area).

  • They can also meet in the library and read stories to children.

  • Take group photos.

There are many ways for you to meet a Princess! And guess what? The Glass Slipper Princesses are just as (if not more than) excited to meet you, your family, friends and loved ones.

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