Planning a party this season? I’m sure it’s not often you have royalty attend your party, so make it memorable and invite a Princess this year. Whether it’s corporate or private a Princess will certainly dazzle you and your guests. Meet the Princess, hear her story, ask questions, take photos with her and have her sign autographs. She may even be willing to dance with you if you ask her nicely.

Have children at your party? Perfect. The Princess would be delighted to entertain the kids. From princess lessons and dancing, to makeovers, sparkly crowns and story time, the little princesses and princes will have a ball.

So here’s some ideas for your party:

  • A short and sweet 30 minute visit from the Princess. She will greet everyone, pose for photos, sign autographs and share a story two.

  • A little longer visit could be anywhere from one hour to two hours. For example, if there are children, a longer visit might be a better option so they have time to meet the Princess and participate in some activities. Another example, you might have special activities that you want the Princess to help you with such as, raffles, prizes or dessert distribution.

  • The Princess could go to the guests or have the guests come to her: She could be roaming the venue/party while meeting and interacting with guests, or she could be stationary in a spot of choice where guests come to meet her and have their photos taken.

Either way, get in touch with us and we can work together to create something magical!

P.S. I hear the Ice Queen has a special Christmas outfit this year…

Questions? Email us at or visit our website

Have a very merry Christmas and we hope all your dreams come true this holiday season!

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